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Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins (2011)

written and directed by Jeremy Dylan

Running Time
71 minutes (Original Cut)
42 minutes (Producer's Cut)

BSATCOP is the harrowing tale of a nerdy redhead from Cockfosters, UK, who discovers that he is part of an ancient order of Wittertainers. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Pentangle, Benjamin heads to Australia to be taught the way of the witter by eccentric Bavarian filmmaker Werner Herzog. But soon he discovers he must face unexpected challenges in the person of the sinister Lord Emmerich, a vicious mastermind with the head of a gorilla. Also, skiffle music.

The streamlined producer's cut of the film will be released on YouTube Friday, September 2nd.

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The Narrator - Stephen Fry
Benjamin Sniddlegrass
Percy Sniddlegrass - Andrew Griscti
Scarlett McKenna - Catherine Davies
Werner Herzog - Dorian Newstead
Mr. Pentangle - Alec Doomadgee
Aunt David Morrissey - Linda Newstead
Lucy Sniddlegrass - Sarah Louise Linnegar
Professor Mumblecore - Isaac Owen
Johnny Leroy - Jon Sewell
Riley Maher - Riley Maher
Tim Sampson - Tim Sampson
Lord Emmerich - Lol McKenna
Asshole - Yavor Dimitrov
Robert Allan Zimmerman - David Fairhurst
Students -
Liam Bray
Jeremy Dylan
Scott Esplin
Alice Keegan
Nick Allen Maurer
Jasper Newstead
Jane Ramsay
Ellie Willoughby

Director of Photography

Yavor Dimitrov

Sound Recordist
Liam Bray

Hair and Make-Up
Jasper Newstead
Nancey Abouhamad

Original Score by
Mike Carr

Edited by
Jeremy Dylan

Title by
Dr. Mark Kermode

Produced by

Jeremy Dylan and Yavor Dimitrov

Soundtrack Produced by
Jeremy Dylan and Jeff Cripps

Original Songs by
Mike Carr & Nikki Bennett, Mark Wells & Jason Bone and Rob Draper & Mick Hanna.

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